Colton Tilong, a freshman in public health, was making photocopies in a computer lab in the North Classroom on the Denver Campus with Auraria¬†this morning, and he couldn’t have been more pleased.

“It’s awesome” to be back, he said of the start of spring semester. “I was getting bored at home.”

Across the campus today, books were opened, laptops turned on and classrooms filled as students and faculty returned on a frosty morning for the start of the 2012 spring term.

Maria Elvira, a junior psychology major, said, “It feels pretty great, actually. I’m looking for internships, but I don’t have any this semester.”

Elvira said her workload is already heavy this semester – a comment echoed by junior Paige Quintana, who is hopeful to become a psychology major this term.

“It feels stressful already – internships, settling down in a major,” Quintana said.

Sisters Kelly Clark and Caitlin Clark studied together on the second floor of the North Classroom this morning. Asked what they were looking forward to this term, they both said they’re excited to be taking classes and being one step closer to graduating.

Kelly is a senior in Spanish and international business and Caitlin is a sophomore in psychology. The sisters spent the winter break on a church mission trip to Uganda.

Daniel Gee, a senior in biology, spent his holiday break working full time.

“Hopefully, that (money) carries me through the semester,” Gee said. “I am trying to secure an internship, so that’s kind of nerve wracking. Also, I’m doing independent study and upper-division classes.”

The semester concludes with finals week May 7-12 and spring commencement on May 12.

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