When situations develop that pose an imminent threat to the safety or security of students, faculty or staff on our CU Denver Campus, help is available by dialing 911.

Any individual who experiences or observes a life-safety or security threat while in a CU Denver or Auraria Campus building should dial 911 to ask for assistance or report the situation. It is very important to be able to tell the 911 operator exactly where you are located or where you observed the emergency.

When calling from a desk phone
When calling 911 from any desk phone on the Auraria Campus, your call will automatically be routed to the Auraria Police Department.

However, when calling 911 from any desk phone at the Lawrence Street Center at 1380 Lawrence Street, CU Denver Building at 1250 14th Street, or Business School at 1475 Lawrence, your 911 call automatically will be routed to the Denver Police Department.

When calling from a cell phone
All 911 calls from any cell phone automatically will go to the nearest government jurisdiction, for CU Denver downtown buildings and the Auraria Campus that means the Denver Police Department. Again, it is critical to be able to tell the 911 operator where you are or the location of the threat.

When it’s not an imminent emergency
A new partnership between CU Denver and the Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC) has been formed to provide police and safety services in non-emergency situations — no matter which campus location. When situations occur that do not pose an imminent safety threat or are not a crime that just occurred contact Auraria Police at 303-556-5000.

Can’t decide level of emergency
No one wants to raise unnecessary concerns, but if you are uncertain about a threat level, do not hesitate to call. The Police Department receiving your call will know how to redirect your call if necessary.

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