Graduate leaves CU Denver with no student loan debt

Earning a college degree can be an expensive pursuit. But Ana Pereza-Alfaro just completed a B.A. in Political Science this spring, and she doesn’t have any student loans to repay.

With the help of her parents and husband, she was able to make it through four years of college without taking a loan. That fact made her graduation on May 12 an even greater celebration.

“Despite the gloomy weather, the presence, support and love of my family members and the feeling of accomplishment made it all worth it,” said Pereza-Alfaro.

She picked the University of Colorado Denver to get her bachelor’s degree because it was close to her parents, but she also really liked the diversity that is on campus and the opportunities she would have to learn about other people.

Now that she’s graduated, Pereza-Alfaro plans on applying for law school and eventually finding a job with Homeland Security working as an immigration officer — a dream she has had for many years.

For her, the best thing about CU Denver has been “the professors I have come in contact with. They are all very involved in the lives of their students and not just academically. The professors, such as Harvey Bishop and Lucy McGuffey, have always helped me whenever I had a problem, no matter what the topic was, school or personal,” said Pereza-Alfaro.

A favorite part of her experience turned out to be just as she expected, said Pereza-Alfaro. “The people that are here and being able to learn about different cultures from all over the world through my fellow students has been a blessing.”

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