Colorado School of Public Health (CSPH) Professor Angela Sauaia, MD, PhD, has published a new book “The Quest for Health Equity.” 

In the book, Sauaia lays out a roadmap to address health disparities. She examines health inequities critically and introduces her readers to thought leaders in the field; she strives to demystify the notion that solutions to health disparities are complex. In so doing, she arms her readers with the tools to become effective agents of change in their communities.

Professor and CSPH Associate Dean for Public Health Practice Tim Byers, MD, MPH, said, “Much like its author, Angela Sauaia, this book is a blend of science and passion. The Quest for Health Equity will therefore probably become a very popular textbook for students who want to learn about this topic. For those of us who are more seasoned, this book will be a useful reminder to get back onto the path toward equity, and a useful guide for how we might move forward toward a better future.”

Sauaia said she wrote the book to gather this information together in one place with solutions based on scientific evidence and critical thinking. “This book was a way to bear witness to this problem and to propose solutions that are within reach.”

For Sauaia, the solution to health disparities includes universal healthcare, patient navigators and community health workers, the intertwining of technology into health care, training of effective health equity agents and improving the quality of health disparities research.

The book is one of the recommended (not required) textbooks for her CU Anschutz health equity class in Health Systems, Management and Policy.

Sauaia has relinquished any author’s rights and will direct all book proceeds to Partners in Health, an organization founded by Dr. Paul Farmer and colleagues.

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