Best Pie

Crumbs, that’s all that’s left of Amy Foss’s Spiced Pear and Apple Pie. That’s because voters gobbled it up in the Student Life-sponsored CU Denver Bake Off. They picked the pie as the ‘best overall’ effort in last week’s contest held at the Tivoli.

A Project Specialist in Academic Success and the Advising Center, Foss was awarded a chef’s toque (hat) and the coveted Platinum Whisk.

“What makes a good fruit pie, in my opinion,” Foss said, “is cooking the filling first. By doing so you know that the fruit won’t be too firm or chewy once the pie is done baking. Also, by pre-cooking the filling, you can ensure that there is a good syrup with the fruit, and you can make it the day before. Another thing to note with a spice pie is that good nutmeg makes all the difference. If you can find fresh nutmeg and grate it, it will transform your dish!”
Foss also made her mark in the category for Best Muffins with her Pumpkin Muffins. Here are the other tasty results:
Best Cake: Susie Lederer’s Venetian Tiramisu Cake took the prize
Best Pastry: Lynda Duran claimed the category with her Raspberry Croissant
Best Cookie: CCD’s Kathryn Mahoney won this very competitive category with her crazy-good Carrot Cake Cookies
Best Uncategorized: The Biscuits and Berries team was rewarded for their Chocolate Salted Caramel Tarts

Each category winner also received a chef’s toque.

The talk about next year’s competion already is heating up.

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