Crews install new CU Denver banners.
Crews install new banners in the city park behind the CU Denver building on Oct. 15, 2012.

The University of Colorado Denver campus is ablaze with new signs that identify the CU Denver education corridor.

Earlier this week, 13 new banners displaying the CU Denver logo were installed in the heart of the university’s neighborhood. Crews put banners in the city park behind the CU Denver building and along Speer Boulevard at the Larimer and Lawrence street crosswalks.

The new street-level signs, which include banners with location arrows designating campus buildings, complement the lighted building signs recently installed on the Business School, CU Denver building and Lawrence Street Center.

“Unlike our colleagues on the Auraria Campus, CU Denver operates both on the Auraria Campus and well into the downtown Denver business and theatre districts,” said Jeff Exstrum, brand manager. “Visually, these banners — along with our newly updated building signage and real estate expansion — serve to cement CU Denver’s position as the education corridor between downtown Denver and the Auraria Campus.”

The banners were first installed in 2008 as a way to create a sense of identity and recognition for the university’s downtown Denver locations and off-campus neighborhood, Exstrum said. The banners serve the dual role of heightening awareness of CU Denver and enhancing pedestrian wayfinding.

“We update them every 18 to 24 months or so, as the wind and weather take their toll — which has the added bonus of allowing us to stay current with our latest branding and marketing initiatives,” he said.

Also this week, crews will paint the door to the King Center theatre space used by the Department of Theatre, Film and Video Production in the College of Arts & Media. The door will feature the CU Denver logo and colors.


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