Jeffery Beall, of the Auraria Library, was awarded the Julie J. Boucher Award for Intellectual Freedom on Oct. 19 at the 13th Annual Colorado Association of Libraries Conference.

The Julie J. Boucher Lecture Series on Intellectual Freedom honors Julie J. Boucher, an advocate of expression and an opponent of censorship. The award associated with these lectures commends Beall for criticizing “predatory practices” in publishing, despite being faced with a billion dollar lawsuit.

Julie J. Boucher (1963–1996) served as associate director of the Library Research Service (LRS) at the State Library, Colorado Department of Education from 1991-1996. She died in a mountain-climbing accident on Oct. 12, 1996, together with her husband, Clive F. Baillie, assistant professor, College of Engineering, University of Colorado.


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