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<img alt="Bean partners to publish on officials’ public warning policies and practices" src="" style="border:0px A new book from Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture Jody Beck will be out the first week of April. John Nolen and the Metropolitan Landscape, connects Nolen’s political and social visions with his design proposals by analyzing his extensive writings, personal correspondence and some of his most significant works.

While John Nolen (1869-1937) is best known as a city planner, he trained as a landscape architect and used the titles ‘landscape architect’ and ‘city planner’ interchangeably throughout his career. A prolific practitioner, he was engaged in nearly 400 projects throughout the United States between 1905 and 1936, including town planning, industrial housing, state and city parks, new towns and regional planning.

Beck’s book focuses specifically on several projects central to Nolen’s career including projects in Madison (Wis.), Mariemont (Ohio), Venice (Fla.) and Penderlea (North Carolina). Beck investigates the ideologies that underpinned Nolen’s work. This is a rare look at a key figure in the development of 20th Century American cities.


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