​ As the Business School grows into its new home at 1475
Lawrence St. they are working to incorporate ‘real-world’ opportunities into programming for students and faculty. The most recent endeavor is the “Knowledge Exchange”
which brings leaders in the business world into the school to talk about
current issues.

These talks are directed at students, faculty and other industry professionals.
The first ‘Exchange’ featured Colin Fenton, managing director and chief
commodities strategist at J.P. Morgan.

Fenton’s talk was based on the book “The Guns of August” which addresses the risk of oil markets causing wars and the influence of military interests on the price of

“The preparation for war can actually end up starting a war,” said Fenton in referring to the book’s observations. Fenton also spoke about the overall market of commodities, “The system is so complex, it is almost impossible to predict things.”

Overall, the biggest thing about commodities, suggested Fenton, is to realize how globalized our world is. “The United States is not the center of the universe. We cannot just ignore the rest of the population.”

The ‘Knowledge Exchange’ continues tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. with John Taft the CEO of RBC Wealth Management who will speak about the culture of Wall Street.

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