Magnified Bee, by Gabriel, grade 5DENVER – The work of 20 young artists is on display along the walls of the Experiential Learning Center (ELC) at the Tivoli on the Auraria Campus.

The display features the creations of the top young local artists from Magnified: An Up-Close and Personal Look at Invertebrates, an art show hosted earlier this year at The Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colo. The images migrated south as part of the Community Partners program which also offers internships to CU Denver students who are seeking hands-on professional experience in science, education and business.

Magnified Bee, by Jenny, grade 5“We hope that this contest encourages youth to express themselves through art, and inspires curiosity for the exploration of the invertebrate world,” Butterfly Pavilion Programs Coordinator Marisa Copan said.

The Butterfly Pavilion provides a unique educational experience for both CU Denver interns as well as for visitors to the facility. Five immersive exhibits, including a rainforest filled with 1,600 free-flying tropical butterflies, provide a year-round, unforgettable experience for visitors to get up close and personal with live animals, enjoy daily educational programs, explore the wonder of the outdoors on the nature trail, and discover the newest traveling exhibit.

ELC Director Tony Smith said, “It’s a great connection with the Butterfly Pavilion that is unique from our other outreach with community partners.”

Magnified Dragonfly Nymph, by Janie, grade 5While interning at the Butterfly Pavilion, CU Denver students majoring in science learn to work with live animals; social science interns learn how to create and present daily educational programs; business interns learn about how to manage and run a non-profit; and College of Arts & Media interns learn how to design and create exhibits. All learn about ways to combine science education with the wonder nature.

Hawk Vaccaro, ELC multimedia coordinator said, “Displaying the children’s art in our offices creates a stronger connection between the local youth, our community partners and the ELC’s internship program.”

Everyone is invited to stop and catch a glimpse of the butterflys appearing through May in the ELC on the second floor at the Tivoli.

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