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'Dead Celebrities' from Human Resources

DENVER and AURORA, Colo. – The collection of characters that gathered today at both CU Denver and CU Anschutz represented familiar, funny, far-out, fantastic and even historic personalities.

On the Denver Campus in the Terrace Room, the costume contest competition was fierce for the third consecutive year. To complicate matters, someone stole the prized ‘Zombie Gnome’ trophy that is claimed by the winning group. An investigation is underway.

In the group category ‘minions’ from the School of Public Affairs appeared ‘Despicable.’ Alice and an assortment of ‘Wonderland’ colleagues came out of the rabbit hole from the Disability Resources Office. While Human Resources raised the dead with the likes of Princess Di, Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Kennedy, Annette Funicello, Lucile Ball, Michael Jackson, Janis Joplin… to name a few (see photo above).

In the Winners’ Circle

Now on record as the official 2013 winning group is the Office of the Registrar. Their rewrite and performance of “Old Time Rock and Roll” to “Old Time Black and Gold” was a show stopper. You can hear the hum… “I love that old time Black and Gold. That CU spirit that soothes the soul. I’ll reminisce about the days of old. Don’t try to register with a hold…”

–The prize for Cutest Costume was claimed by Cookie Monster Baby, aka Salina Evans, Admissions Office.
–Time Traveller John Semple, College of Architecture and Planning, goes in the history books as Most Creative.
–School of Education and Human Development’s Rachel Cornelius was the Scariest as Slasher Creepy Lady.

Also on scene were Elvis, Spock, Diana Ross, Cindy Lauper, cats, skeletons and an assortment of other strange and interesting individuals.

The Chancellor’s Campus Life Committee organized and hosted the festivities complete with treats for all and prizes from various donors, including Business School, School of Education and Human Development and local businesses. Ari Liston, student employee in HR, served as the program announcer.

Halloween haunts CU Anschutz

Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles take vs. Anschutz Bookstore

Another cast of characters (including the Mutant Ninja Girl Turtles –above) showed up today for the fun in Building 500. The crew in the Bookstore saw a steady stream of creepy, kooky and creative characters.

As you might imagine in a health-centric environment, there were doctors, nurses and other such personnel — oh, many of them actually in costume.

You have until 8 a.m. Friday, Nov. 1, to pick your favorites. Go to the CU Anschutz Bookstore facebook page and “like” your faves. Judging will wrap up on Monday.

And the Anchutz winners are…(announced Nov. 4)

Shawna & Corey (elven archers) – 1st place

Geogina & Bonnie (geriatric superheroes) – honorable mention

Most creative individual:

Katie Mishall (Rubik’s cube) 1st place

Anthony Mangan (Ron Burgundy) – 2nd  place

Julie Smith (whoopee cushion) 3rd place


Lori Workman (scary clown) – 1st place

Nikki Cimino (queen of skulls) – honorable mention

Overall Facebook winners:

Gabriella Yates (mint-chip ice cream sundae)

Michelle, Brenda, Dana, Lauren (teenage mutant ninja turtles)

Great costumes one and all. 


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