The University of Colorado Denver is introducing a new pre-professional bachelor’s degree to its undergraduate offerings. The Board of Regents and Colorado Department of Higher Education (CCHE) approved the new Bachelor of Science In Architecture this week.

The four-year degree completes the scope of architecture programs now offered in CU Denver’s College of Architecture and Planning (CAP), allowing for the first time students at the Denver campus to earn an undergraduate degree in architecture. Transfer students can enroll in the Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BS Arch) program beginning January 2013, and freshmen in Fall 2013. Until recently, the College of Architecture and Planning at the Denver Campus offered only master’s and doctoral degrees with undergraduates earning their bachelor’s on the Boulder Campus with a degree in environmental design.

“The introduction of the bachelor of science in architecture allows students truly interested in architecture and planning not only to earn an undergraduate degree but to seamlessly continue their advanced degree studies all on the same campus,” said Roderick Nairn, PhD, provost at the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus.

Comprehensive internal and external reviews of programs on both campuses recommended that CU Denver provide an undergraduate, pre-professional degree in architecture while CU-Boulder aligns its environmental design program with the campus’ existing strengths in environmental sciences and engineering. The separation of the Denver and Boulder programs is a multi-year process that began in July.

“We see a clear need for an undergraduate architecture program in Denver to support both students and the architecture community,” said Mark Gelernter, dean of CU Denver’s College of Architecture and Planning. “Architects in the 21st century will work increasingly in urban centers, and learning design in a city fast rising to national and international prominence will give these students a competitive edge.”

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 23.1 percent increase in workforce demand for architects between 2010 and 2020. This program enables graduates to pursue careers as architects, architectural designers, urban designers, interior designers, and other fields connected to the design and construction industries.   Graduates also will be able to enter accredited professional graduate programs throughout the country as well as at CU Denver in architecture, landscape architecture, planning, historic preservation and urban design.

Interested students can email [email protected] or call 303.556.3382.

“This degree will provide students with a challenging, highly multi-disciplinary educational experience in one of the fastest growing job markets,” said Professor Robin Shandas, PhD, program chair. “The program will emphasize real-world design of medical devices and technologies from the freshman year onward.”  ​

The first two years of the program will consist of classes within the general education core curriculum and pre-major classes in mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, and bioengineering. These classes will be delivered at the Denver campus. The third and fourth years will offer students the choice of tracks (initial tracks will be in biomedical devices and biomechanics and imaging instrumentation and diagnostics) taught primarily at the Anschutz Medical Campus.

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