Milo the Lynx
Milo the Lynx

Milo the Lynx, the University of Colorado Denver’s mascot, has been the coolest cat on campus for a full year now.  Milo was “born” in February 2013 so now it’s time to celebrate his first birthday.

Ready to party

Since Milo’s just turning 1, this party will bring out the “inner child” in everyone. There will be cupcakes, popcorn, cotton candy, face painting, party hat and cookie decorating, balloons, a card to sign and even a “pin the tail on the Milo poster” game.

Details, details

The party is free and will be held in the Tivoli Turnhalle. The fun starts at 11 a.m. and wraps up at 1 p.m. The CU Denver cheer and dance team will perform. Milo will be on the prowl and available for selfies. Party guests are encouraged to include #CUDenver when posting photos to Twitter or Instagram.

Lubna Mazin is vice president of the Student Government Association and is on the birthday planning committee. She says students, faculty and staff can expect a “really fun event.” There will be party favors and a lucky few may even take home a stuffed Milo of their very own.

Star-studded lineup

Milo won’t be the only headliner at his party. The popular DJ Chonz from KS107.5, a CU Denver alumnus, will deejay the celebration. Milo’s campus mascot friends, Rowdy the Roadrunner from Metropolitan State University of Denver and Swoop the CityHawk from the Community College of Denver, will be there with gifts for the birthday lynx. And, CU Denver Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Raul Cardenas, PhD, will be on hand to keep the party energized— maybe he’ll even start the “Happy Birthday” song”.

Milo’s “birth”

The addition of Milo the Lynx mascot to the CU Denver campus community was a direct outgrowth of the new club sports programs. Students were looking for new ways to identify with their university and a mascot seemed like a good way to boost school pride.

“Before Milo students didn’t seem to get as excited about things,” remembers Mazin.

There were mascot surveys, focus groups, discussions and votes. Then, finally, there was Milo, the friendly, furry, well-loved cat you see today.

Officially Milo is a Canada Lynx. He was named by an incredibly creative student— the “Mi” in Milo stands for mile high and “lo” stands for lower downtown, Lodo.

Top cat

“I feel like Milo has brought a sense of community to our campus,” said Mazin. “He represents who we are. This year I was working Welcome Week. You should have seen the faces light up when he walked into the room. Milo draws people out. He makes everyone laugh.”

It seems like Milo is everywhere. And, maybe he is. “Milo is full of school spirit and shows up at nearly every event the students are involved in,” Mazin explained. “And, not only that, he shows up at unexpected random events. You’re like, ‘What is he doing here?’

Happy birthday Milo!  The University of Colorado Denver is glad you’re part of the family.

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