Carrie Chapman, a PhD student in the School of Public Affairs (SPA), recently won an Academy Health Scholarship to attend an upcoming national conference and to present her poster. The scholarship is very competitive as Chapman was one of 10 selected.

The poster Chapman put together evaluated sector-based resource contributions and mission alignments in the 170 public health collaboratives to better understand how organizations from the nonprofit sector collaborate with public and private agencies to help achieve collective outcomes, and how the challenges of bringing diverse partners together may be overcome by practitioners in the public health community.

Her findings indicate that significant differences in resource contributions, perceptions of mission alignment, and the value of mission adherence to collaborative success exist across sectors. As public health service delivery increasingly relies on collaborative arrangements, it is critical to understand what practical challenges these collaboratives face, and to identify techniques for effectively managing intersectoral partnerships.

Danielle Varda, assistant professor in SPA, Chapman’s advisor, has also mentored two other PhD scholarship winners over the past two years — JoAnn Shoup and Robyn Mobbs.

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