Amanda Charlesworth, assistant professor

Amanda Charlesworth, assistant professor in integrative biology, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences had a paper published Developmental Biology: Xenopus laevis Zygote arrest 2 (zar2) encodes a zinc finger RNA-binding protein that binds to the Translational Control Sequence in the maternal Wee1 mRNA and regulates translation.

Charlesworth presented these findings and new data in a platform presentation entitled “Zygote Arrest Proteins ­ a new family of trans-acting factors that regulate translation of maternal mRNAs” at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Translational Control Meeting, Sept. 4-8.

These results describe a new gene expression mechanism that controls early development. These studies were co-authored with undergraduates Kevin Silva and Terry Khat, and graduate students Cassandra Kotter and Jonanthan Cook.

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