John Fielder signing booksFor the last 30 years John Fielder has traveled around Colorado capturing many memorable moments through his photographs of nature. One of his most recent projects has been photographing the thousands of sites that have been funded by proceeds from the Colorado State Lottery.

Colorado is the only state that uses the revenue from the lottery to support our natural heritage — most states use lottery proceeds to fund education. Fielder said, “I believe it is a trickle-down effect — if we spend the money on what makes Colorado great then more people will come here either for tourism or to live.”

Fielder was invited to the University of Colorado Denver campus by the campus groups Staff Council, Exempt Professional Assembly and the Chancellor’s Office.

The preservation of public land is not the only thing lottery funds are used for in the state. The money also is used to build or refurbish playgrounds, skate parks and ball parks in communities  throughout the state. “Some of the sites in these small rural communities become their highlight,” Fielder added.

Fielder shared several of his photographs from various projects he has worked on. Copies of several of his books also were available for sale, and he was more than happy to sign them.

“I feel very fortunate to be doing this for the last 30 years,” said Fielder.

For more information about purchasing one of Fielder’s books or just to see some of his photographs you can visit him at his gallery in the Art District on Sante Fe which is open Tuesday through Saturday or at his website​.

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