The CU Denver Office of Research Services (ORS) announces a program to distribute $150,000 of discretionary funding for grants to encourage and support creative activities by faculty. The pilot program will run April 1, 2014 – March 31, 2015.

ORS Associate Vice Chancellor Robert Damrauer said the goal is to award these funds in a way that will lead to increased faculty productivity and enhanced reputation for CU Denver.

“For this initiative, creative activities are defined broadly to encompass traditional research, scholarly/intellectual activities that lead to published work, artistic endeavors, etc.,” explained Damrauer. “These activities are those that define a research university, namely activities leading to products that are widely disseminated to the external world.”

The guiding principles for awarding the funds are: (1) faculty engaged in traditional research activities that require significant external funding for their success and (2) faculty engaged in creative activities that are not dependent on large sources of funding and for which external funding is limited.

ORS will consider grants in two categories: small grants not to exceed $3,000 and large grants between $3,001 and $25,000. Given the limited funds, only a few large grants can be funded. Those selected will be judged to have a significant potential for future external funding.

Both single- and multi-investigator submissions are encouraged.

These grants differ from those awarded through the Center for Faculty Development — that faculty grant program offers support to faculty for teaching activities.

Complete details, including submission forms, regarding this program are available online. Questions should be directed to [email protected].

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