Color headshot photo of Steve Medema
Steven Medema, the new director of UC Denver’s UHL program

Outstanding students who demonstrate superior achievement in academic performance or exemplify exceptional leadership qualities need to be provided with unique academic programs that will encourage continued growth and excellence. To spearhead this effort, the University of Colorado Denver’sOffice of Undergraduate Experiences has named Steven G. Medema, PhD, the new director of UC Denver’s University Honors and Leadership (UHL) program. Medema has been with UC Denver for more than 20 years and is a professor of economics and President’s Teaching Scholar at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

The UHL program is founded on the premise that the integration of academic excellence and leadership education provides the ideal environment in which to develop the gifts of the next generation of leaders in academia, business, policymaking, and service to communities locally, nationally, and globally.

“The UHL program will draw extraordinary students from Colorado and around the country to the university because of its unique educational programs, expansive student research opportunities, and close knit intellectual community,” said Medema.

Medema went on to add, “The multidisciplinary nature of UHL courses challenges the students to move across and beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries to develop broad-based perspectives on the world around them.”

Medema received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Calvin College and his PhD in Economics from Michigan State University. His research interests include the history of economic thought, law and economics, and public economics.

“Professor Medema is an outstanding leader in his field of economics and an exceptional role model for the students in this program,” said UC Denver Provost Roderick Nairn. “We are delighted that he has agreed to take on this additional responsibility for UC Denver and look forward to working with him to foster this very important program.”

“The UHL program’s cohort model engages the students in a vibrant intellectual community from the moment that they set foot on the UC Denver campus and promises them a signature academic experience during their undergraduate years,” added John Lanning, UC Denver assistant vice chancellor for undergraduate experiences.

Medema has published more than 90 books, referred articles, and book chapters, including: The Hesitant Hand: Taming Self-Interest in the History of Economic Ideas (Princeton University Press); Ronald H. Coase (Macmillan); and Economics and the Law: From Posner to Post Modernism and Beyond (with Nicholas Mercuro, Princeton University Press). He also served as the editor of the Journal of the History of Economic Thought from 1998-2008 and is currently president-elect of the History of Economics Society.

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