The Association of University Technology Managers recently released data for 161 U.S. universities for the 2007 fiscal year. The University of Colorado research investigators and Technology Transfer Office (TTO) continue to perform among the top 10 percent of all universities. CU is tied for 7th place for the number of start-up companies created, 12th place for 2005- 2007 cumulative inventions reported to TTO, and 13th place for 2005 – 2007 cumulative income.

“These data are gratifying and support CU claims about the high levels of faculty inventive performance and Technology Transfer Office productivity,” commented David Allen, CU’s Associate Vice President for Technology Transfer. “With licensing staff size tied for 13th and 2005-2007 cumulative research expenditures tied for 15th, it’s clear that tech transfer’s resource efficiency is high and similar to the high resource efficiency of the university at large.”

More recent and comprehensive CU technology transfer performance metrics can be found on the TTO website (PPT) and in the 2007-08 Annual TTO Report.

About the Technology Transfer Office: The CU Technology Transfer Office pursues, protects, packages, and licenses to business the intellectual property generated from research at CU. The TTO provides assistance to faculty, staff, and students, as well as to businesses looking to license or invest in CU technology. For more information about technology transfer at CU, visit

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