Danny Moritz and sonFor over a decade Danny Moritz has been working as an educator for all grades but he decided that his skills needed to be honed on how math education is learned and how it is taught.

Moritz chose to pursue a MSE in mathematics education from the School of Education and Human Development to better enhance his skills as a math teacher. Moritz said, “Through my Master’s program the mantra of ‘must learn, must learn’ was crucial.”

Moritz credits Heather Johnson and Ron Tzur for their immense impact on him as an educator. “They truly practice what they preach,” Moritz said. He also added, “At the very foundation of any great teacher is an enormous heart that is always open to their students, for better or worse. Johnson and Tzur helped me access my ‘teacher’s heart’.”

While Moritz was working on his MSE, he cared for his two-year-old son while his wife worked during the day. “I was able to see the theories of learning be enacted by his behaviors or be torn to pieces by his behaviors,” Moritz said.

Once Moritz graduates, he plans on continuing to expand the mind of children in the world of math. Currently he is substitute teaching kindergarten through eighth grade but has multiple offers to teach at the college level.

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