Deanna MacriGraduate student Deanna Macri has been juggling earning a Master of Science degree in secondary mathematics education all while still serving as a teacher herself. Macri currently teaches at Bear Creek High School, and she plans to continue ‘expanding minds’ after graduating this May with her master’s degree.

Macri said, “All of the classes I took for my master’s have been while I was teaching in Jefferson County, so I was able to turn around and try new and innovative methods in my classroom and get immediate results.”

In addition to courses through the School of Education and Human Development, Macri also obtained credits from the Rocky Mountain Middle School Math and Science Partnership (RMMSMSP) which is operated through the University of Colorado Denver.

“I took the RMMSMSP classes during the summer and learned so much information about how to make mathematics fun and engaging for students by working with amazing teachers from multiple districts.”

Macri credited several professors for their help along the way specifically pointing out  Mathematics Education Professor Ron Tzur and Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education Heather Johnson​.

“The experience of earning my master’s degree has been very difficult and time-consuming, but incredibly worth it. I have learned so many things that have helped me grow personally and professionally,” Macri concluded. 

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