Students on Denver Campus

This weekend 25 prospective undergraduate students and their families will be on the Denver Campus as part of the Denver Bound Scholarship Interview Weekend.

Through Denver Bound, the university offers scholarships to non-resident new freshmen and transfer students with a demonstrated record of the highest academic achievement and leadership.

“These scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement, extracurricular activities, volunteerism, leadership skills and interview points,” said Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management Barbara Edwards.

“This program began in 2005, at the time the campus focused on broadening the numbers of freshmen students attending CU Denver, which necessitated increasing the recruitment of students from outside of Denver and outside of Colorado,” said Edwards. “Campus Village Apartments was completed in 2006 to provide a living experience for these new students.”

The numbers of Denver Bound Scholars have increased from 23 in the first year, to 58 in Fall 2011. There have been a total of 236 Denver Bound Scholars attending CU Denver since the program began. This program is a joint effort of the CU Denver Admissions Office lead by Edwards, Associate Director Ricky Mott and the Scholarship Resources Office including Sharon Harper and Mary Francavilla. Nearly 30 other campus staff, administrators and faculty participate in the program each weekend.

“The weekend is an exemplary demonstration of the strong commitment that CU Denver people have to recruiting this population to CU Denver,” said Edwards.

During the Denver Bound weekends, the students and their families gather on Friday night for an informal “get to know you,” fun evening with the Bovine Metropolis Improv group at the Tivoli. Saturday morning the students take guided-campus tours (including Campus Village), experience a sample class lecture, have a personal interview with university faculty and staff, and talk with financial aid and student services staff. It is an opportunity for CU Denver staff to get to know the student and for the student to determine if CU Denver is a good fit for them. The students also receive academic advising from the undergraduate advising offices to conclude the day’s activities.

After all the Denver Bound visits are completed, Edwards, Mott, Harper and Francavilla, along with Charmaine Brown from Financial Aid determine the scholarship offer for each student.

“This has been an extremely successful program from the beginning, bringing talented students from other geographic locations to campus, bringing a geographic diversity to our already ethnically diverse campus.” said Associate Director of Admission Ricky Mott.

Some Denver Bound students are in the University Honors and Leadership program and many are in student clubs and organizations. Current Student Government President Ronson Fox is a Denver Bound Scholar.

The first of this year’s scheduled interview weekends coincides with the Admissions Open House scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 26 at the Auraria Campus Events Center.

Denver Bound Scholarship Interview Weekend Dates for 2012:
–February 24-25
–March 9-10
–March 23-24

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