Students take pictures with Obama and Romney​By Amanda Heersink | University Communications

DENVER – For Election Day 2012 the Office of Student Life for CU Denver, along with student services for Metropolitan State University and the Community College of Denver, hosted a fun event today for students to stay up to date on the day’s events.

There were games, food and music in the Tivoli Turnhalle to mark Election Day. The event was open to all students from the three institutions.

One of the highlights was two ‘Sumo wrestling’ suits that participants could  don to battle out who they thought was going to win the election.

Tyler Jordan, student event programmer for CU Denver Office of Student Life, said, “We wanted to
give students a way to be informed while they were on campus today. Students seem to want to be more informed.”

An important goal for the day’s events was to have a fun environment that was not overly political, said Jordan.

Throughout the day more than a hundred students passed through the doors, particularly at lunchtime for a slice of pizza.

“We wanted everyone, both sides, to have a good time,” Tyler added. 

Joe Halter, assistant director of Student Life, echoed the sentiment, “It really is about just having fun and keeping the students informed.”

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