Jeff Franklin

Jeff Franklin, professor, English; and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences associate dean for Undergraduate Curriculum and Student Affairs, published three essays over the past year in international, peer-reviewed outlets. “The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism in Victorian England, 1870-1900” appeared in Victorian Review (Canada); “The Influences of Buddhism and Comparative Religion on Matthew Arnold” was published in Literature Compass (global, online); and “The Evolution of Occult Spirituality in Victorian England and the Representative Case of Edward Bulwer-Lytton” appeared as a chapter in The Ashgate Companion to Spiritualism and the Occult in the Nineteenth Century (England). Each was a submission invited by the editor.

Franklin also participated in four conference panels, one at the Victorian Interdisciplinary Studies Association conference, two at the annual meeting of the Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences, and one as an invited speaker on the poetry of James Applewhite at the East Carolina University annual Literary Homecoming.

Two essays by Franklin currently in press are “Buddhism and Modern Existential Nihilism: Jean-Paul Sartre Meets Nagarjuna,” in the Journal of Religion and Literature, and “The Economics of Immortality: The Demi-Immortal Oriental, Enlightenment Vitalism, and Political Economy in Dracula” in Cahiers victoriens & édouardiens.

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