Photo of Gary Hart, Wirth Chair Professor, School of Public Affairs

U.S. Senator Gary Hart (retired) unveiled a new blog with an article on the guiding principles of our democracy.

“This new blog site will test the proposition that a considerable number of thoughtful people are increasingly looking for forums in which to discuss the range of serious issues we all face as a nation,” Hart said in announcing the debut of Matters of Principle.

The site “welcomes all those of good will and thoughtful disposition,” he added.

Hart, who represented Colorado in the U.S. Senate from 1974 to 1986, is Scholar in Residence at University of Colorado Denver’s School of Public Affairs and Distinguished Fellow at the New America Foundation. He is co-chair of the Homeland Security Advisory Committee, chairman of the Council for a Livable World and chairman of the American Security Project.

He recently traveled to Afghanistan as an official member of the international group observing the elections process. His article on the experience was published in the Denver Post upon his return.

Thoughtful comments are encouraged on the blog site, which will be updated at least twice a week. Hart also has invited a long list of “interesting national thinkers” to contribute to the site.

It debuted Monday at

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