HR at Warren Village, Dec. 2011It was a lot of fun and games –boxed, board games– as the university’s Human Resources (HR) team continued a  Giving Back Campaign tradition by helping prepare for the holidays at Denver’s Warren Village.

For the first year of the campaign, the HR team helped to clean up after the party. Last year, they arranged to work with Warren Village to prepare for the annual holiday party. So that’s the task they took up again this year to sort, organize and make ready for parents to shop.



Warren Village works to give struggling single-parent families the opportunity to change the direction of their lives and become valued members of society.

The HR team headed over to Warren Village Dec. 8 to help get the community Holiday Shop ready. At this time of year, families served at Warren Village are invited to shop for gifts to give to immediate family members at no cost.

“It was really nice for us to all be part of this effort,” said Maryann Hill. “The experience touched us each in different ways depending on where we are in our own lives.”

This year’s donated items included toys and gifts for children of all ages, dolls for girls, games, stuffed animals, hula hoops and more.

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