University of Colorado Denver’s newest graduate program at its Business School, the Master of Science degree in Global Energy Management (GEM), has received a grant totaling more than half a million dollars from the U.S. Department of Labor. The $502,596 grant serves to expand access to technology-based learning and will help the GEM program to further develop its online component. Twenty projects were selected from a collection of 193 applications to receive grants and awards ranging from $150,000 to $1 million; the total of all awards was $10 million.

The GEM program offers a unique hybrid-online approach which allows its students to continue working full-time no matter where they live and travel, and still complete the degree in 18 months. Students and visiting professors from institutions all over the world spend only four consecutive days in Denver at the start of every 3-month term—afterward students return to their homes, families and jobs across the globe while continuing their education online through video conferencing, presentations, online discussions, video lectures, podcasts, DVD downloads and more.

“The technology-based learning applications set in place for students give them a more hands-on, experiential education,” said John Turner, PhD, director of the GEM program at the CU Denver Business School. “GEM’s unique hybrid-online approach allows the Business School to provide its students with the best professors in the field regardless of that professor’s own geographic location. This program’s students are taught by expert energy professors from universities all over the world.”

GEM’s professors are all energy experts, and each cohort class’s group projects, case studies, and other learning opportunities are made available to enrolled students online. Students also have access to guest speakers from top energy companies, government, finance, economics, and other disciplines to bring even more real-world and global perspectives to the learning process.

“This program is geared toward those who want to make the energy industry their lifelong career—for those who want to rise to the very top of energy companies or want to start their own energy company,” said Sueann Ambron, dean of the Business School. “Most of the students pursuing the Global Energy Management degree are already working in the energy field and will continue working while completing this degree, so not only is an online component necessary, it’s essential. The goal is to make programs like GEM accessible using the most advanced tools available online so faculty of the Business School can easily connect with and reach students and students can do the same.”

For more information about the GEM program or enrolling in the next cohort class, please call Sarah Dushame at 303.556.5819 or email [email protected]. More information about GEM also is available online at:

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