Registrar's Office dresses as Hippies for the annual Staff Council Halloween Contest

The Hippies of the Registrar’s Office — a tie-dye-wearing, peace-signing, flower-waving brigade fresh from Woodstock — took top honors in this year’s University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus Staff Council Halloween Contest.

(Photo: Members of the Registrar’s Office, dressed as Hippies, won the group category in the Staff Council Halloween Contest. They were awarded a gnome and a catered lunch for their efforts).

In close second, just a buccaneer’s whisker away from seizing the first-prize treasure, were the Pirates of the Human Resources Department. The ruffians made clear which department they represented with a massive sign that read: “HRRRRRRR.”

About 150 people attended the annual costume contest this morning in the Terrace Room. The event, which was emceed by Tonia Mosley, Bursar’s Office, included a buffet breakfast, treats, prizes and live music.

Colorfully costumed folks came from departments, schools and colleges across the Denver Campus — as well as a trio of Three Blind Mice who scurried over from the Anschutz Medical Campus. One guy, who dubbed himself “Macho Man Danny Savage,” said he came all the way from Texas. (Actually, Danny Felipe-Morales strolled over from the Financial Aid Office.)

“They said they were going to have a bunch of cooked Slim Jims — they call it bacon, I think,” said Macho Man, decked out in tassels, cowboy hat and plate-sized belt buckle. “That’s what brought me here, and the people at CU Denver are great. They’re a lot of fun.”

The Hippies and Pirates dominated the group category with choreographed productions. The Woodstockers sang “Blowing in the Wind,” while the Bucs had their hands full trying to chase down three gold thieves who broke free and plundered the audience. Other entrants in the group category were the Three Blind Mice from CU Anschutz and the characters from “Alice in Wonderland,” from the College of Architecture & Planning.

Winning the individual costume categories were:

Scariest: Rachel Fraser, School of Education & Human Development, as Bridezilla.

Cutest: Jennifer Burnett, Finance Department, as a spider.

Most original: Danny Felipe-Morales, Financial Aid, as Macho Man Danny Savage.

For winning the group category, the Hippies were awarded the coveted gnome trophy and a catered breakfast. Their exuberance was fittingly understated. “Far out,” said Ingrid Eschholz. “Groovy, man,” added Leslie Mitchell.

The narrowly foiled Pirates were heard uttering a few “aaaarrrghhhhs” of disappointment.

A Halloween Costume Contest was also held today at the Anschutz Medical Campus Bookstore. Winners were:

Individual: Crystal Deidiker, as Effie Trinket from “The Hunger Games.”

Animal: Dot Dill’s dog, dressed as a blind referee.

Group: Jennifer Corwin and PRC Group, dressed as a zombie group.

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