Several faculty members pose with medalions they received for 25 years of service

Faculty members who have served 25 years at the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus were honored Tuesday evening at the home of Chancellor Don Elliman and his wife, Mary.

Commencement medals emblazoned with the seal of the University of Colorado were given to the honorees. Elliman presented medals to honorees from the Denver Campus and Lilly Marks, vice president for health affairs for the University of Colorado and executive vice chancellor of the Anschutz Medical Campus, recognized those from the Anschutz Medical Campus.

Scenes from the 25-year recognition celebration:

Provost and Vice Chancellor Rod Nairn, PhD, announced the name of each honoree, who received a round of applause from their colleagues.

Elliman said faculty members are the “heart and soul” of the university. “The fact that you have built the quality of an institution that you have is a tremendous thing to be a part of, and all I can say is thank you very much.”

Marks said it’s “quite extraordinary what has been accomplished” at the university in the past 25 years. “Thank you all for your contributions and for your perseverance and your loyalty and commitment to the University of Colorado,” she said. “I think we all share the same passion and we’re all here to share that tonight.”

Nairn said it’s a great honor to be able to recognize faculty. “If it weren’t for the wonderful faculty we can’t recruit wonderful students and we can’t take care of patients and we can’t move the university forward. So, thank you very much for all that you do.”

Twenty-seven faculty members received the recognition:

  • Architecture and Planning: Phillip Gallegos, associate professor; Mark Gelernter, dean
  • Arts and Media: Carol Bloom, senior instructor; Gregory Walker, professor
  • Auraria Library: Linda Tietjen, senior instructor
  • Business: Heidi Boerstler, professor; Robert Hockenbury, senior instructor; Barbara Pelter, senior instructor
  • Dental Medicine: Denise Kassebaum, dean
  • Education and Human Development: Sally Nathenson-Mejia, associate professor; Deanna Sands, associate dean; Ellen Stevens, associate professor; Brent Wilson, professor
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences: James Fell, senior instructor; Rudolf Hartmann, senior instructor; Timothy Phillips, senior instructor; William Smith
  • Medicine: Charles Greenhalge, instructor; Thomas Hay, associate clinical professor; Kevin Lillehei, professor and chair; Sandra Martin, professor; Kathryn Mueller, professor; Elizabeth Shaffer, associate professor; Margaret Wierman, professor
  • Nursing: Vicki Erickson, associate professor
  • Pharmacy: Ralph Altiere, dean
  • Public Health: Candace Fleming, associate professor

Here is a link to the program:

(Photo: From left, Ellen Stevens, Sally Nathenson-Mejia and Deanna Sands, all faculty members of the School of Education and Human Development, display their medals of honor at the celebration for faculty who have served the university for 25 years.)

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