Farah A. Ibrahim, PhD, LP (CO), counseling professor, School of Education & Human Development, presented a workshop on Jan. 17 at the American Psychological Association’s National Multicultural Conference and Summit in Houston.

The workshop, titled “Spiritual-Cultural Assessment and Skills: Counseling Muslims post 9/11,” focused on spiritual-cultural assessment, and the knowledge and skills needed to form a therapeutic alliance, and conduct culturally responsive counseling with Muslims in the post 9/11 era. The goal of the workshop was to increase the participants’ cultural assessment skills and link cultural assessments to the spiritual-cultural identities of counseling clients. Ibrahim conveyed the knowledge and skills necessary to help other counselors understand clients’ religious and cultural identity, worldviews, sociopolitical history, migration status, acculturation, privilege and oppression and trauma history. Ibrahim also included a videotaped interview with a client who is experiencing post-trauma stress from 9/11 events and backlash toward U.S. Muslims.

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