Iman KareemIn a time when there is so much turmoil in the world, it can be hard to understand that which is unknown. To help expand understanding of the religion of Islam, the Muslim Student Association of Auraria partnered with the CU Denver Student Government Association to host an open presentation Dec. 6 in the Tivoili Turnhalle.

Guest speaker Iman Kareem spoke about the true meaning of Islam to offer an understanding of Islam, deconstruct some of the negative perceptions, enhance relationships and understanding and to build a stronger overall community.

Kareem began his comments, “This is a time of turmoil but the message of Islam is peace.” He continued his remarks by discussing the key concepts in Islam.

A majority of Kareem’s talk was centered on the perception of Islam in Western media. “One percent of Islam people and ideas make up 57 percent of the media’s attention,” he said. “It is not just the Western media that does this, Muslim media does the same thing about the West.”

In addition to Kareem’s speech there was an open forum for members of the audience to ask questions. Many revolved around making a distinction between ‘justifiably and unjust’ taking of a soul or taking of a life. Kareem said, “It is in our five aims of Islam to never unjustly take a soul but in self-defense it becomes just. But we are to never look for a fight.”

Kareem concluded, “If you give yourself the time and the opportunity to learn about this religion, you will find something totally different than what you have seen on television. Read the Koran,” urged Kareem, “and see for yourself the message of peace that Islam teaches.”

To bring an even higher sense of community there was an authentic Middle Eastern meal served.

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