University email users recently may have received an email message that appeared to be from IT Services or an internal user, stating “Your Mailbox Has Exceeded It’s Alloted Quota As Set By Your Administrator, And You Will Not Be Able To Receive Or Send New Mails Until You Re-Validate.To Re-Validate.These message subject is  – ‘As Set’ …”

If you received this message, or any other email from anyone who you do not know and/or are not expecting email from, please delete these messages  Please do not click on any of the links within the message and do not provide any information to anyone associated with these messages.

This is a ‘phishing’ scam that is intended to trick you into divulging your credentials.

IT Services was able to block access to the web link in this email message from on campus. Information about such phishing scams is available online from IT Services.

If you hover your mouse over a link in an email, it will show you the URL or web address where the link will take you. If the link does not take you to a site, the email is definitely NOT from our university IT Services. If you ever question a link, simply go to a trusted university web site and drill down to the IT Services links through the main A-Z index.

If you have any questions about these malicious emails, please contact our IT Services Help Desk at 303-724-4357.

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