As a returning student, I’m not straight out of high school. I want to learn with the purpose of bettering myself and being able to have a future doing something I’m passionate about.

Jamie Cottrell
Jamie Cottrell

For me, learning with purpose means that I want something more than a degree. It’s taken me a while to figure out what I want to do, so now to learn with purpose is not just learning, to get a piece of paper, to say I went to college for four years and I did this. My purpose is to learn for the rest of my life, to have a career and better myself.

I think we should learn something new every day.

I took an anthropology course for an elective and I absolutely loved it. I changed my major from fine arts, but really fell in love with the field after taking Southwestern archaeology here at CU Denver with Professor Tammy Stone, PhD. She was so passionate and taught in a really fun way. I got way more involved in archaeology than I ever thought I would.

So here I am now, getting an emphasis in archaeology and will most likely be getting a master’s degree in archaeology.

Anthropology Assistant Professor Jamie Hodgkins, PhD, has given me this amazing opportunity to join herself and Curtis Marean, PhD, of Arizona State University, who has been at the site since early 2000. The site is called Pinnacle Point and is located in Mossel Bay in South Africa. It’s a modern human site. While there are no human remains there right now, they’ve found a ridiculous amount of artifacts like shell middens and hearths. It was occupied for a really long time.

I’m not sure what kind of archaeology I’m going to do now. I’m really interested in cultural resource management and I’m very interested in Native American studies, so I would really like to get involved in repatriating artifacts.

Guest contributor: Jamie Cottrell, anthropology major

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