CDC membersJacqueline (Jackie) Jones, PhD, RN, FRCNA, associate professor in the College of Nursing’s Division of Informatics, Health Systems & Leadership, recently visited the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta for the annual meeting of the Health Aging Research Network (HAN), which is part of the CDC. Jones is the only HAN member from the CON and is one of only three nurses in the U.S. who participate in HAN.

The Anschutz Medical Campus is a HAN satellite site that is located in the Colorado School of Public Health. HAN partners include AARP, the American Medical Association and other groups. Jones is part of the HAN Mobility Work Group that conducts outcomes-focused research into aging and living arrangements to try to help older people live as independently as possible in the  community in which they live.

(Photo: Jackie Jones and fellow members of the CDC Health Aging Research Network annual meeting in Atlanta. Jones is fifth row from bottom, second from right.)

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