"Clip-on" bird

Rian Kerrane, associate professor, College of Arts & Media, is the Curator and a participant in Hybrid showing Aug. 11 – Sept. 30 at Denver’s RedLine gallery, 2350 Arapahoe Street.

Hybrid a “symbolic narrative is reconstructed, one of shooting targets,” Kerrane said. “Staging everyday objects in the gallery allows me to critique the verisimilitude of aesthetics we incorporate in our lives, our habitual routines, and how our actions are simulations of a broader ecological system. My work explores how our surroundings define us as much as we determine our surroundings. The results of my research often suggest a narrative and allude to familiar, symbolic, and domestic imagery.”

In her work (see photo), “The ‘clip on’ doves represent a human predicament, a certain blindness or lack of command relating to situations in which we find ourselves. The clustering of the effigies is also a conscious allusion to familial and social groupings. The telegraph poles and wires are a literal analogy to cross-Atlantic communication, with the Morse code soundtrack adding a guise to some of my intimate biographical information,” Kerrane said.

Born in Galway, Ireland, Kerrane moved to the U.S. in 1994. She is vice president of the Western Cast Iron Art Alliance, an eclectic group of iron artists from across the western regions of the states. Her work has shown in sculpture gardens and galleries in the United States, Italy, Austria, Mexico and Ireland.

A sculptor of mixed media including foundry, metal fabrication, installation, printmaking and performance, her recent explorations are “symbolic witness to our self-generated social predicaments and the social constructs applied to control personal environments.”

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