As the CU Denver community continues to evolve, students are becoming more involved on campus in a range of roles.

Noteworthy student activity includes Student Government Association, student ambassadors in the Admissions Office, assisting in the Office of Student Life, as well as resident assistants at Campus Village and teaching assistants in a variety of academic departments.

Many of these student leaders gathered in the Tivoli Turnhalle for a full day at the Lynx Leadership Conference on Jan. 16. Hosted by the Office of Student Life, the event aimed to encourage students to become proactive with their skills and innovative in order to achieve greater goals.

The second annual conference featured two breakout sessions in which students could hear different speakers. These presentations identified aspects of leadership which should be developed and how to use skills to affectively lead any group to success.

Keynote speaker Associate Professor Charles Ferguson, Ph.D., encouraged students to abandon the concept of “thinking outside the box” altogether. Ferguson asserted that, by even keeping “the box” as a possibility, a leader will be tied to “the box” and never truly escape it.

Other conference segments included ice-breaker games and activities.

“Feedback was overwhelmingly positive,” said Avery Schellens, assistant director of the Office of Student Life. “The successful Lynx Leadership Conference combined many different approaches to leadership, ultimately leading students to their own success.”

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