Billy Overton

​”Learn with purpose? I’d say that means learn with practice–learning in school with real-world application after class.

I’m a recording arts major, and CU Denver has brought me way more opportunities to work in my field pre-graduation than my friends have experienced at other schools. There’s definitely a value in learning the technical side of my craft in a classroom. But there are so many people trying to get into music that if you really want music to be your career, you have to take the time to apply what you learn in class in the real world. I’m already getting the chance to do that.

I’ve been able to use the recording studios on campus to record my friends’ albums, to compose music for the short films of CU Denver film students and to build my own recording studio to produce professional recordings of my own music. Because most of my professors actually work in the fields in which they are teaching, they have a lot of practical knowledge and connections for all their students.


What does Learn with Purpose mean to you?

If you’re a member of the faculty or staff, we’re interested in hearing how you’re putting Learn with Purpose into action.

For instance, my Audio Production II class led to a two-year audio internship at The Potter’s House of Denver, one of the city’s largest churches. I was in charge of the audio for every service, making sure all the equipment worked. My favorite part of the job was using the soundboard to mix the sound from each service for broadcast on the Internet and television. I had to mix the audio from the speaker, the music and the noises of the congregation to reduce the dynamics and make it more enjoyable for listeners not in the room. That’s real-world practice in the live-sound industry that I didn’t think I’d get pre-graduation.

I’m getting an education that teaches me about the theory side of music, the performing side of music and the recording side of music, an education that really builds the groundwork and offers the connections to pursue the real musical goals that I have. That seems like a pretty great purpose to me.”

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