Yiying Liu learns what she loves

Vicki Hildner
University Communications
August 26, 2014

Yiying Liu

To me, learning with purpose means learning what you love.
It means choosing the courses you want to take with the professors you want to
take them with. It means taking the time to understand why you want to learn
something instead of just learning because someone tells you to. That’s
something that some people take for granted, but not every school lets students
learn what they want to learn.

I came to Denver from China, and in China my education was
very different. There, you are told what classes to take and when to take them.
Your education means following what your professor tells you and learning what
they think is good for you. The classroom is silent because nobody can say anything
to disagree with a professor, and the focus is never on why you want to learn

At CU Denver, the focus is on learning what you love to
accomplish your goals. Here, I can take whatever classes I want, and I can
always express my opinions and ideas in class. I have been able to study music
and art while still focusing on my economics major. I have had time to discover
what I love learning, and that has made me love learning itself. Now, I want to
go on to graduate school to keep learning.

Learning with purpose also means learning about other people.
I’m the president of the Intercultural Club of Beijing, and we organize
traditional Chinese activities to show Chinese culture to other students
outside of class. I think this is important, because we can learn from other
people and their cultures. When I came to America, I found that there were so
many different students from so many different backgrounds at CU Denver, and I
realized that I could learn from talking to them too. Different backgrounds
bring different perspectives, and different perspectives help you learn how to
be yourself.

That’s really what learn with purpose means. By learning
what I love and learning from the different cultures around me, I have learned
how to be myself and pursue my dreams. Now I know that if I have a good idea, I
can make it a reality. Now I know I can accomplish my dreams.

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