‘Reimaging’ library’s south courtyard

Amanda Heersink
July 24, 2012

South coutyard at Auraria Library
By Amanda Heersink | University Communications

DENVER – In recent months the Auraria Library has been undergoing many cosmetic changes, including bringing the restrooms up to code and adding state-of-the-art study rooms. The most recent addition to the library is a ‘re-imagining’ of the south courtyard.

The library partnered with Lori Catalano, senior instructor of landscape architecture
in the College of Architecture and Planning, and her summer landscape class to
create a new vision for the south courtyard.

The class of six students — Anastasia Chmel, Xiaojiao Guo, Jennifer
Klich, Kristen Ruberg, Lisa Warren
and Benjamin
Wurzer — worked with the library staff and campus planners to
create the idea for the re-imagined courtyard.

The new design will change the cosmetic look of the courtyard as well as to
improve some of the maintenance concerns.

“We are delighted with the
outcomes of this learning partnership with landscape architecture,” Mary Somerville, university librarian/director said. “All this
occurred very quickly, of course, because of the 10-week summer session. Given
this short time period, the results are particularly extraordinary.”

After several weeks of planning the students finally carried out their plan which
involved cleaning up and removing some plants that will be replaced in
the future.

There are even more plans for the future, including adding new furniture,
shade coverings and updating the irrigation system. The completion of the first steps was
celebrated this morning with a student presentation.​

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