Loraine Fishman was not very engaged in her college community at the University of Colorado Denver until she found a job at the Experiential Learning Center (ELC) working at the front desk. She was shortly promoted to Community Engagement Assistant and began to get involved with many other resources and events that were on the Auraria Campus. She also became involved in the Peer Advocate Leader (PAL) program which works to provide incoming freshman a place to foster student engagement and academic success.

Fishman will be graduating on May 18 with her BA in Psychology and plans to attend the University of Denver to obtain a Master’s in Social Work in the fall.

Fishman is a recipient of Reisher Family Scholarship which enabled her to study abroad twice through the Office of Global Studies in Berlin and South Korea. Before Fishman received the Reisher scholarship she felt the completion of a degree was not going to become a reality. “My aspirations to complete my degree and begin a career seemed unachievable for financial reasons,” Fishman said. She added, “It was upon receiving that support and making a move to be more involved on campus that my goals became attainable and even more importantly exciting.”

Fishman credits Lynda Aquado, PAL Coordinator, for having a large impact on her confidence. “Aguado has been an outstanding mentor on this journey; I give a lot of credit to her for the confidence I have in myself and in my attainments,” said Fishman.

Fishman reflected, “I am so excited to graduate and cannot wait to begin the next chapter in my life, yet the knowledge and experience I have acquired at CU Denver will be hard to leave behind. I will miss it all.”

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