Stroll right up and see exactly how CU Denver students “Learn with Purpose.” That’s what pedestrians on the 16th Street Mall are invited to do at the kiosks that stand between California and Welton streets.

The kiosks, which display information about the innovative education offered in various CU Denver schools and colleges, are the latest feature in the high-profile advertising campaign that bolsters CU Denver’s identity as a vibrant research university where students are inspired to learn with purpose.

Just as the 16th Street Mall reflects the unique character of Denver, the kiosks convey the scope and vibrancy of the city’s premier research university. Eye-catching displays inform visitors about four of the eight schools and colleges at CU Denver: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of Architecture and Planning, College of Engineering and Applied Science, and the College of Arts & Media.

“Recognition, awareness and definition of who CU Denver is as a campus are the objectives of the overall campaign,” said Karen Klimczak, university marketing director. “Now we’re incorporating messages of what makes up CU Denver—the schools and colleges and the breadth of programs that they offer. The 16th Street Mall kiosks offer schools and colleges an opportunity to dive deeper and showcase how specific projects and opportunities are helping students to learn with purpose.”

As part of the Downtown Denver Partnership‘s desire to connect Auraria with the downtown community, CU Denver’s schools and colleges have use of the kiosks until the end of April.

The Learn with Purpose campaign, CU Denver’s first comprehensive advertising campaign in its 40-year history, has employed an array of platforms—online, TV, radio, print, outdoor signs, 16th Street Mall buses, Larimer Square banners—to create the signature CU Denver brand.

The popular button wall that debuted in front of North Classroom last fall will be back this spring at a yet-to-be-determined site.

The website showcases the campaign, providing facts about CU Denver and stories of students, faculty and alumni who are pursuing their passions at CU Denver.

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