Dan Piatkowski (top photo), PhD candidate in Design and Planning and NSF IGERT Fellow, and Wesley Marshall (bottom photo), assistant professor of Civil Engineering, have co-authored the article, “‘New’ versus ‘Old’ Urbanism: A comparative analysis of travel behavior in large-scale New Urbanist communities and older, more established neighborhoods in Denver, Colorado.” The article was published in Urban Design International, advance online publication 20 November 2013.

In the article, Piatkowski and Marshall evaluate the differences in ‘New’ and ‘Old’ Urbanism to demonstrate the importance of public transportation. They write that New Urbanistic neighborhoods were developed to imitate the characteristics of Old Urbanistic communities. Therefore, the structures are available to promote public transit. However, according to the article, New Urbanism is unable to meet the transit goals, while Old Urbanism exemplifies the potential in public transportation.

In the abbreviated abstract, Piatkowski and Marshall indicate “while New Urbanist communities may not currently be reaching their transportation goals, they have the ability to provide a supportive context for parking policy reforms and transit investments that disincentive auto travel and prioritize walking, cycling and transit.”

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