Danny Maurer

Undergraduate student Danny Maurer is busy this summer after being selected for a highly-coveted Hollywood internship program.

Maurer, a student in the Music and Entertainment Industry Studies Department, College of Arts and Media, gained the opportunity through the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (“The Emmys”).

This paid position is widely regarded as one of the best internship programs in the world in any area of study said CU Denver Assistant Professor David Bondelevitch who recommended Maurer. “This internship is a perfect match for Danny; it offers him a leap into the professional world in a way he would be very unlikely to achieve in Denver.”

Maurer was selected from a very competitive process in which he negotiated several rounds of interviews. He was selected in the Sound category.

The program is eight weeks this summer at a post-production facility that creates material for both television and feature films. This year the internship work is at Larson Sound, which recently wrapped the fourth season of Arrested Development, as well as providing post sound for Weeds, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Starting the internship was very exciting for Maurer: “My interest in sound started early on in life, and has now grown into a full-blown obsession. I am eagerly searching for a fulfilling lifetime career in sound, particularly in post production. The sound design of a film is truly powerful and can transform and convey emotion unlike any other sensory art.”

Maurer is majoring in Recording Arts and expects to graduate next year.

See more about the internship at http://www.emmysfoundation.org/internship-programs

More information on Larson Sound is at: http://www.larson.com/index2.htm

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