Andrew Hudson

“Tell me about yourself,” job-search guru Andrew Hudson said to a congregation of current students, professors and alumni on a recent Friday evening in downtown Denver.

Even those students who were frenetically taking notes on Hudson’s wisdom took a moment to ponder this common, yet agonizingly complex, request.

The 50 attendees had gathered in room 1800 of the University of Colorado Denver Business School Building to enjoy a night of networking and a stirring presentation on “How to Get Hired” by speaker Hudson, of the eponymous job search website Andrew Hudson’s Jobs List. Hudson was invited by the CU Denver MBA Student Organization (MBASO) to share his expertise on job searching and career development.

“These are topics that impact all of us in such a direct way, both in the short and long terms,” explained Katie S. Looby, president of the MBASO. “This event night is one of a series of planned events we have in store for the graduate business student body. The MBASO believes deeply in the educational vision and mission of the University of Colorado Denver, and we will continue to provide quality, relevant extracurricular enrichment in that spirit.”

Many attendees were pleased to discover the degree of personal applicability of Hudson’s insights. Not only did Hudson describe techniques on searching for the proper jobs, finding useful resources, and creating appropriate application materials, he went in depth into the subtle and crucial nature of interview psychology that can truly make or break a job offer.

He asked students to “describe your proudest moment professionally” and “live up to your personal brand.” He explained that a likeable, confident demeanor can oftentimes be neglected in interview preparation, but it can be a powerful motivator for hiring managers who gravitate toward both skill sets and personalities. He made parallels between the successful marketing strategies of corporations and those of individuals looking to make a unique statement about themselves.

Elizabeth Cooperman, PhD, MBA, associate professor, commented: “The discussion on personal branding, including understanding your own special capabilities and featuring these in your resume and practicing answering questions that you’ll likely be asked in interviews, pointing out your special abilities, was exceptional. In a difficult market, Andrew Hudson pointed out that being prepared and knowing and marketing your key abilities, ‘your personal brand,’ can be key for successfully getting a desired job.”

The evening concluded with a thorough question-and-answer session, which ended with many students lining up to meet Hudson.

“It was wonderful to see such enthusiasm from current students and alumni. The MBASO is always looking for ways to develop and engage the CU business community,” Looby said. “Andrew Hudson stressed that having a great network is a powerful advantage for professionals, and we couldn’t agree more.”

For more information about the MBASO, contact Sonny Shi, MBASO director of communications, at [email protected]

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