Nikki McCaslin

Auraria Librarian and Senior Instructor Nikki McCaslin offers a personal perspective through her writing in the recent book Adoption and Mothering.

An adoptee herself and the mother of three adopted children, McCaslin co-authored a chapter, “Law and Language: Adversarial Culture in Adoption and Mothering,” with Richard Uhrlaub. The book was edited by Dr. Francis Latchford, York University, Ed. Toronto, Ontario: Demeter Press, October 2012.

According to the publisher, the book was written by authors from disciplinary perspectives in the humanities and social sciences, the essays offer critical perspectives on adoption and mothering that challenge institutionalized ideas, assumptions, pathologies, and psychologies that are used to interpret birthmothers and adoptive mothers. Its authors interrogate questions of race, gender, disability, class and sexuality as they relate to the experience, identity, and subjectivity of ‘mothers’ who are marked by the institution of adoption.

McCaslin said she and essay co-author Uhrlaub (also an adoptee) examined “various cultural, language and legal elements which can create adversarial relationships between mothers of origin and adoptive mothers and how their children are affected. We also made suggestions that we believe could reduce the related conflicts we have observed in adoption.”

McCaslin also authored the book Finding Our Place: 100 Memorable Adoptees, Fostered Persons, and Orphanage Alumni (Greenwood Press, 2010).

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