Mini-STEM School returns for spring semester

The popular Mini-STEM School at the University of Colorado Denver returns this spring with the addition of free evening lectures in arts and architecture.

The innovative Mini-STEM School and the new Mini-School for Arts & Architecture will be held on the Auraria Campus starting Jan. 28 and continuing through March 20. Both series are free and open to the public.

Participants are required to register in advance for the series, and anyone who attends at least six of the eight lectures will earn a Certificate of Participation. Walk-ins for individual lectures will be admitted on a space available basis. The two-hour sessions begin at 7 p.m. and will include a question-and-answer session.

More than 300 registered for the Mini-STEM lecture series last year and attendees ranged in age from 7 to 87. Parents brought their children. Grandparents their grandchildren. Teachers their students. Some made the trip from Boulder to participate.

The CU Denver Graduate School models the Mini-STEM — courses in science, technology, engineering and mathematics — after the CU School of Medicine’s highly successful CU Mini Med School.

While the topics can be technical, the lectures will be enjoyable and understandable to every interested layperson. Faculty members break away from conventional textbook knowledge and present their lectures in such a way as to spark interest in others.

In the new Mini-School for Arts & Architecture, the diverse lecture topics range from “The Beauty of Silence” and “The Sound of Music” to “The Magic of Architecture” and “Advancing Community Identity Through Historic Preservation.”

The new Arts & Architecture mini-school will be held on eight consecutive Thursdays, beginning Jan. 30, at St. Cajetan’s on the Auraria Campus. The first four weeks will be dedicated to arts presentations; the second four weeks to architecture.

In the Mini-STEM School, lecture topics cover everything from “Not in Our Genes — A Different Kind of Inheritance” and “Bioinformatics — Crunching Numbers to Understand Life” to “The Role of Smart Materials for Biomedical Applications” and “Mining the Mesmerizing Miraculous Mysteries of Mathematics … for Art!”

Mini-STEM School will take place in the Baerresen Ballroom in the Tivoli Building on the Auraria Campus. The lecture series will begin on Jan. 28 and will continue for eight weeks on consecutive Tuesdays.

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