Moses Hopkins

Moses Hopkins will be commissioned as a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army on May 11. The very next day, he’ll graduate from CU Denver with a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology.

But he won’t spend too much time celebrating, because Hopkins is headed to Basic Officers Leadership Camp in Fort Benning, GA and will then enter into active duty.

He was born in San Diego, CA then moved to the Denver area shortly after but moved around frequently due to his father’s tenure in the Air Force.

CU Denver’s Anthropology Department appealed to Hopkins for its faculty and coursework. The Denver Campus also worked out well because his ROTC base is housed nearby at the University of Colorado-Boulder.

He originally attended the University of Arizona and then transferred to Metropolitan State College of Denver and then he enrolled at the University of Colorado Denver. He said he remained at CU Denver because he truly felt at home on campus.

Hopkins said he “really enjoyed the diversity of the campus and the fact that I could be sitting in a class with veterans, kids fresh out of high school, and even working professionals from whom I could gain knowledge and experience.”

He also was “really surprised by how outgoing most people were on campus.” He added that he also appreciated having the ability to take classes at Metro even after he had transferred to CU Denver.

One drawback was feeling something of a “disconnect among many students who simply commute to the campus,” said Hopkins.

Looking back at his time on campus, Moses said he enjoyed the experience and is looking forward to applying what he has learned here to help defend our country.

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