The Office of the Registrar has been working to improve the security process for ISIS (Integrated Student Information System) – the electronic admissions and student records system for the CU Denver Campus.

There’s a new form designed to help simplify the process for obtaining access to ISIS by authorized individuals. The changes include more automation and also allow supervisors to initiate the process. These changes were made by University Information Systems (UIS) in accordance with the campus/module security coordinators using feedback obtained from users who have been through the process.

The form (pdf) is online to request access to the overall system including ISIS, Cognos, DARS and PS Query and the Access Portal for grading and instruction. The built-in workflow function allows for initiation by a student worker, staff member or faculty member requesting access, or the employees’ supervisor or administrative professional by expediting the process.

1. Download and fill out an ISIS Access Request form.
This form can be filled out by the employee or departmental security designee.
2. Sign the ISIS Access form electronically. As of Nov. 15, 2013, UIS no longer accepts any previous versions of the form. Any printed, ink-signed, or scanned copies of this form will NOT be accepted and will be returned to the requestor and supervisor with the most recent version of the request form.
3. Email to employee’s direct supervisor or department designee.
4. Approved by the requestor’s direct supervisor or department designee.
5. Send to CU Denver Security Coordinator [email protected]

Faculty Access
The Office of the Registrar will administer security to faculty members and TAs who need access to the system for grading or instruction through the learning management systems. This access is the only access to the system that DOES NOT require the completion of the “Intro to ISIS” and “FERPA” trainings before access will be configured.

For information on if your school/college has opted out of procedure and does require the training, please contact your department administrator. The processing of these requests will fall under the same estimated processing time used for all other requests which is 5-7 business days.

Required Training
To obtain access to Student Records, Admissions and campus community data within ISIS, student workers, staff and faculty advisors are required to complete the “Intro to ISIS” and “FERPA” trainings. Users requesting access who have not completed the trainings will be asked to do so before access will be configured. Attached you will find a walkthrough on how to access the required trainings in Skillport. These trainings must be completed by any anyone looking to access the ISIS System in any way, except duties of a standard faculty member or TA needing access to grading rosters and learning management systems. A walkthrough for completing these required trainings can be found here.

Admission Security

Following the departure of the Admissions Security Coordinator, the Student Records Security Coordinator working within the Office of the Registrar has taken over temporary security duties for Admissions security. This includes access to the Admissions module within the ISIS student information system as well as the Cedar Crestone application. Admissions ISIS access requests should be sent to the Registrar’s Office security coordinator at [email protected].

Estimated Processing Time
The current estimated processing time (EPT) for security is five to seven business days. Please remember that this EPT is intended as a guideline for configuring access once the request is received by the security coordinator. If any part of the security process is discovered to take longer than the quoted EPT, the security coordinator will inform the user requesting access as well as their supervisor to ensure they are aware of the status of their request.

Questions should be directed to [email protected].

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