A community policing effort, or Neighborhood Community Officers (NCOs) program, was initiated and approved this fall on the Auraria Campus by campus leaders from each institution.

While some details of the program are still in development, uniformed officers already are on site. This new service won’t replace Campus Police services, rather will support and supplement. The goal is to enhance police presence for each institution by providing at least one designated NCO for each ‘neighborhood.’ Each NCO is working to establish relationships with students, faculty and staff in their assigned neighborhood community to be recognized as the “go-to” campus safety resource. CU Denver’s neighborhood is in the northeast section of campus along Speer Boulevard.

Leading the program is Auraria Police Sgt. Leonard Peete, who currently is training the NCOs to provide excellent service and security to the three institutions. “This concept is a step above basic security guard services for our facilities,” said Peete. “It allows us to ‘raise the bar’ for better communication with our students, faculty, staff and visitors on campus.”

In the North Classroom Building, as part of the CU Denver neighborhood, NCO Dee McDuffee already has started getting to know the facilities and people. Once CU Denver’s new academic building is ready to open, another NCO position will be filled.

NCOs assigned to other Auraria buildings in the Metro and CCD neighborhoods also already are on site. These officers will be available Monday-Friday between 7 a.m.-10 p.m.

An important part of their responsibilities includes getting to know the people who frequent their assigned buildings and supporting safety information awareness, Peete said.

In an emergency, always dial 9-1-1. If you’re trying to contact the NCO or have other non-emergency questions, feel free to contact the Auraria Campus Police Department at 303-556-5000.

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