The University of Colorado Denver and DSST Public Schools (originally known as the Denver School of Science and Technology) announced  a new partnership that automatically grants DSST students who, at the end of their junior year, have obtained a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or more, conditional admission to the University of Colorado Denver.

The new agreement recognizes the academic rigor of DSST’s high school curriculum and rewards students who have excelled in high school. Over the course of their senior year, students who have received CU Denver acceptance letters will still need to complete the SAT or ACT and graduation requirements, but the application fee to apply to the university is waived.

“This partnership recognizes that DSST students place a high priority on learning with rigor, just as CU Denver students do,” said Chancellor Dorothy Horrell.  “As Colorado’s public urban research university, we welcome their academic enthusiasm and creative energy. We’re happy to make it easier for them to continue their educational journey at a high-caliber university right in the city.”

Upon successful completion of high school course work, the first students in the program will begin class at CU Denver in the fall of 2018.

“Our team is extremely excited about this partnership between two institutions that deeply believe in the importance of a great education to create new opportunity,” said Bill Kurtz, CEO of DSST Public Schools.  “We believe in the power of our students to impact communities and many of them want to stay involved in this community throughout their college career – this agreement gives them a clear path to doing that.”

The partnership was announced to DSST: Cole High School juniors and their families during a special pep rally.

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